Alumni Photo Gallery

Class of 1958

Row 1: Nancy Aggen Stapay, Helen Dude, Rachel Yeisley Miller, Sue Alexander Harris, Virginia Willis Vinyard, Donna Smith Bell

Row 2: Rosetta Crary Kass, Peggy Bohstedt Kahr, Harriet Clutter Yeisley, Betty Jo Dykstra Wilcox, Louise Mercer Hardin, Jannes Fuelling DeCamp, Jane Mess Pfefferkorn

Row 3: Charles Bray, Terry Mueller, Stan Stevens, Gilbert Drendel, Corine Ashland Hadley, Dorothy Ashbacher Lincoln-Smith, John Dean

Row 4: Harold Templeman, Ernie Myers, Ron Stacy, Dick Paul, Loren Hofer, Howard DeCamp, Gary Bell

Row 5: Thomas Mikelson, Tom Anderson, Gary G. Oster, Gary Wulf, John Hinck, Harold Prior, Bob Wolfe

Six alumni celebrated their enduring friendship begun 56 years ago during the fall of 1952 in Pfeiffer Hall where they roomed together, in various arrangements, all four years.

Back row from left: Nancy Reidesel Spencer ’56, Karen Brand McNeil ’56, Luci Sherer ’56. Front row from left: Janet Stitzel Gray ’56, Cora Breen Claypool ’56, Maude Brosheer ’56. Spencer, McNeil, Sherer and Claypool visited Gray in Tryon, N.C. and Brosheer in Hendersonville, N.C.

Other roommates unable to come to this gathering were Carole Hatfield Benjamin ’56, Jere Kupecky ’56, and Mary Kettelkamp Shepherd ’56, who were with the group in Scottsdale, Ariz., in 2007.

OWLs in Vegas

Gordon Whitaker ’65 and Bob Hellwig ’67 (center with boutonnieres), life partners since 1970, reaffirmed their vows on May 24, 2008, at Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham, N.C. Cornellians attending the ceremony were (from left) Cliff Schilke ’66, Howard J. Happ ’64, Jack Schroeder ’67, Norm Engstrom ’67, Gordon Hellwig ’78, and Craig Kuehl ’66.

1967 in Boston

Class of ’73 athletes who met at the Homecoming football game, left to right: Dave Turnball (football), Tob Trickey (football), Dave Hansen (football), Bruce Frana (football), Walt Steggall Jr. (football), Ted Van Dorn (cross country and track), Todd Ririe (cross country and track), and Dewey Birkhofer (football).

Rood reunion

Then-candidate Barack Obama was photographed with the family of Tim Wynes ’83 and Becky Reed-Wynes ’81 on the Iowa Valley Community College campus in Marshalltown, where Tim is chancellor. Left to right: Tim, daughter Madison, son Drew, Becky, and Obama. Tim reports that Obama was gracious and visited with Drew about the White Sox and talked to Madison about running.

Cornellians at Oakknoll

A group of ’90s Thetas who meet for an annual trip chose Charleston, S.C., for their destination this fall. From left: Annalise Lasater ’98, Alyssa Thompsen Jackson ’99, Jennifer Albrecht ’98, Amanda Kohls Arens ’98, and Erica Osmundson Reimers ’98. Missing this year were Rogene Pendleton Pejanovic ’97 and Lori Gorton ’98.