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In December 1993, Cornell College officially joined the digital age with the launch of the Web site then known as cornelliowa. edu. Sure, the Cornell Report, class agent letters, newsletters, and the like all provided a healthy dose of news from the Hilltop, but the most up-to-date stuff was fed through newspapers or from those on campus.

News spread fastest through a network of alumni who cared about Cornell. In a way, not much has changed more than 15 years after Cornell first went digital: Cornellians still get much of their Cornell news from their peers. Only the medium has changed dramatically— Facebook, RSS feeds, Twitter, blogs, online news services, e-newsletters, and the like continue to keep Cornellians connected to campus in dynamic, and immediate, ways.

Web Extra

Web extra — Cornell Twitter IDs below

Facebook, odd as it may seem, is the most established of Cornell’s social networks. With approximately 1,750 (and growing) “fans” being fed updates on a daily basis through the Cornell College Facebook page (just search for “Cornell College”), a broad spectrum of alumni have been brought together to share thoughts on news ranging from the transformation of Rood House (“Rood!!! I had my single there. Such great memories.” wrote one poster) to the Durhams’ donation for The Commons (“Hooray ... the Commons is my favorite place”).

The approximately 1,750 fans aren’t strictly a young, Facebook- generational crowd. More than 42 percent are older than 35, and more than a third are between the ages of 25 and 34. The page features photos from the college and from alumni alike, updates from campus, and links to the Hilltop’s most important stories. All at the speed of a modem.

As Facebook is further explored, more and more Cornell-centric groups are popping up. “Cornell College: We Got In!” is a page especially for admitted pre-freshman, and boasted nearly 200 members in late April. Cornell College Greeks, alumni groups, student clubs, and others have started Facebook pages to keep in touch.

As if that’s not connected or fast enough, Cornell has also recently begun Tweeting.

Say what?

Twitter is a social networking site that utilizes “micro-blogging,” a sort of status message limited to 140 characters that people are using in new and interesting ways. From Cornell’s Twitter page (CornellCollege), anyone can follow Cornell’s “Tweets,” which include upto- date activities, breaking news, questions and answers, and helpful links, all updated in real time and fed to your computer or phone.

Alumni from all over have started to adopt Twitter as a way to stay in almost constant contact with Cornell. See a list below of Cornellians who've shared their Twitter IDs with us.

Cornell can also boast its own YouTube channel at Over 28 videos are posted on the channel, including overviews of campus life, academics, athletics, and a message from the president. More videos will be added as the college continues to move toward a complete multimedia online experience so that its alumni and friends can feel closer than ever to the Hilltop.

Cornell Twitter IDs

Cornell College: CornellCollege
Ann McGregor ’84:
Jim Losby ’89:
Adam Stanley ’90:
Don Kasak ’93:
Brian Taylor ’93:
Shawn Henning ’96:
Jack Lumanog ’96:
Joseph Brimeyer ’97:
RJ Holmes ’99:
Mark Hudson ’99:
Bryan Knight ’00:
Amber Mussman ’00:
Nicholas Berger ’01:
Chris Moander ’01:
Harper Reed ’01:
Tim Carlson ’02:
Boone Gorges ’02:
Lindsey Mesner ’02:
Damon Toal-Rossi ’02:
Damon Toal-Rossi ’02:
Jordan Running ’04:
Sara Hoffman ’05:
Teri Carrigan Tucci ’05:
Brandon Brinson ’06:
Kelly Bartolotta Jensen ’07:
Jennifer Rutt ’07:
Mark Doom ’08:
Caitlin Ewing ’08: