Where are you going this block?

“If I decide I want to go to this conference over the summer, I can just go to them and they can fund it. That’s amazing!” said junior Brittany Atchison. “I’m so thankful that there’s something on campus like the Berry Center. It’s awesome.”

The fact of the matter is, almost anywhere you can dream up, the Berry Center can help send you there. The Berry Center has sent students to a number of different, exciting locations, and they’re always looking for more.

A.G. Edwards

Openworld, Inc.

Corporate Accountability International
Feed Resource Recovery

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Airport International Golf Course
Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission
Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra
KZIA Radio; Merrill Lynch
U.S. Senator Tom Harkin’s Office

Amazing Edibles
Merrill Lynch

Hillsboro, Ore.
Elementary Education Administrative Office

Iowa City, Iowa
Gluten Evolution

Las Vegas
Diamondback Equipment Sales

Bread for the World

MonteVideo, Uruguay
RenMax Brokerage

Portland, Ore.
Cascade Policy Institute

Santa Clara, Calif.
Social Global Benefit Incubator

World Endeavors