Alumni Photo Gallery

50th Reunion

Cornellians at the Class of 1959 50th reunion were (back row, from left) Bill Macaulay, Tom Lundy, Dave Toepke, Terry Gibson, Don Hendersen, Frank Jones Jr., (fourth row) Erwin Hoeft, Jerry Ringer, Gary Menges, Raul Middelmann, John Perry, Cal Rice, John Pence, Keith Ketelsen, Jim Alum, (third row) Steve Anderson, Philip Miller, Ralph Christoffersen, Dale Martin, Clif Parker, Kathleen Kelley Beal, Evelyn Folkerts Nelsen, Dean Keefe, Mary Jane Holcomb Keefe, Chuck Oswald, (second row) Carma Lou Meggers Beck, Anne Alden Paul, Barbara Lore Jones, Florence Lowell Primrose, Diane Diedrichsen Kemmerer, (first row) Gale Morey, Martha Baker Phelps, Jerry Lewis, Blanche Meek Rigert, and Jaonne Bruhn Koza.

Relaxing after their annual Wisconsin golf outing are (from left) Bill Gleason ’71, Mark Abbott ’70, Steve Staton ’70, Barry Grove ’71, Chuck Solberg ’70, Fred Burke ’70, and Rob Johnson ’70.

After retiring from the investment firm of Robert W. Baird, Rick Ryan ’67 (center) is now a lyricist for a northern Californian rock ‘n’ roll band ( “Goin’ to Town,” a CD mostly written by Ryan, is available from CD Baby ( A book of his poems—Vaudeville in the Dark—is due out next year from LSU Press. He also serves as executive director of a small family foundation and runs Little Glass, LLC, an investment firm with interests in agriculture and real estate.

Todd Ririe ’73 and Lisa Smith ’82 both work in the remediation management group at BP, and are pictured at BP headquarters in Sundbury, England, in April. They both had Professor Herb Hendriks ’40 as their advisor. Ririe took one of the first environmental geology courses Hendriks offered, while Smith was one of the first majors in environmental studies, a program Hendriks initiated.

Sophon Panasawatwong ’86 (of Thailand), Jamal Abdullah ’88 (of Malaysia), and Lee Mei Chuen ‘88 (of Singapore) had a mini-reunion in Singapore in August. Though Abdullah had met the others on different occasions while travelling, this is the first time since 1988 that all three have been together.

Tim Garry ’81 (right) and Chris LaLonde ’81 competed in the British Masters over-50 basketball tournament, playing for the Aberdeen, Scotland, team. According to reports, Garry beat two defenders to sink a three-point jumper as the horn sounded to give his team a victory in the first game, and was the team’s leading scorer. Sadly, it was the Aberdeen team’s only win in the four-game tournament. LaLonde proved he’s still able to run up and down the court.

Derek Johnson ’04, center, joined at his wedding reception by Cornellians (back row, from left) Aaron Manzo ’04, Jacob Diercks ’04, Tara Drollinger ’04, Kendra Pavey Walsh ’04, Katie Crooks ’04, (front from left) Paul Morizzo ’04, and Melissa Goldsmith ’03.

Cornellians at the June 13 wedding of Luke Behaunek ’06 and Leslie Tweeton ’09 in Marion, Iowa, were:

Back row, from left: Justin Dix ’01, Brittany VanArkel ’09, Joey Crowley ’09, Alex Wade ’06, Amanda Neuman ’05, Garrett Feddersen ’08, Greg Berube ’05, Dan Walsh (transferred), Justin Gohdes ’06

Third row: Mark Doom ’08, Cara Becker Dix ’03, Brian Wall ’08, Janah Cook ’09, Claire Parrish ’10, Darius Ballard ’07, Justin Valenstein ’07, Topher Martin ’07, Lucas Jorgensen ’08, Erin McNeill ’10, Matt Bullard ’06, Patrick Irwin ’06, Alexandra Bretthauer ’09, Sean Lehman ’10, Andrew Barksdale ’12, Nick Light ’10, Ryan Walden ’10

Second row: Professor Genevieve Migely, Kathy Parish Shives ’68, Wade Swenson ’07, Leanne Moyer ’08, Maggie Burgdorf ’08, Bryan Roush ’08, Amy Moenning ’08, Ashley Behaunek ’09, Kristina Pontarelli ’09, Mike Jeanmenne ’12, Nick Nothern ’10, Beth Von ’10, Annaliese Halverson ’11, Kristina Stephanopoulos ’10, Alanna Morris ’11, Heather Roth ’08

First row: Trustee Craig Shives ’67, Vice President of Student Affairs John Harp, Rebecca Sullens ’09, Leslie Tweeton Behaunek ’09, Luke Behaunek ’06, Jacob Wood ’09, Mehrdad Zarifkar ’09, John Gantt ’11, Colleen Smith ’09, and Lauren Wuchte ’10