Yoko Ono calls Professor Plaut

As part of his recent exhibit “YOKO and the WINDOW WALL,” Art Professor Tony Plaut ’78 wrote Yoko Ono a letter and asked her to call him on a special telephone on display in the Peter Paul Luce Gallery. Ono called at 1:27 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 13.

After a few pleasantries were exchanged, Ono asked Plaut if he wanted to interview her or if she was participating in a performance art piece. Plaut told her that it was a performance art piece inspired by her art work from the early 1960s.

from the early 1960s. “It is important for artists to support one another. Keep doing good art work,” Ono told Plaut.

The telephone Plaut had prepared specifically for her Yoko Ono calls Professor Plaut call is titled “Yoko Phono” and was one of 72 pieces in his one-person show.

Plaut says he saw an exhibition of Ono’s work at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis a few years ago that inspired him to respond to some of her projects. “I love the way she used written language and material objects in an integrated way,” he says. “Her work is beautiful, instructive, and playfully funny.”

Also in the exhibition was “Typer Piper,” a sculpture that incorporated many found objects including a manual typewriter, an automobile tire, a bicycle pump, and organ pipes. Exhibition viewers were able to use the typewriter sculpture. When certain keys were activated (including keys spelling “Yoko Ono”), the organ pipes produced a musical version of the typing.

For more images, visit the photo gallery on the show.