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“One of the most interesting and unique aspects of living in Clock Tower is the flexibility that it offers. It gives students an opportunity to live with multiple roommates, but you still have a place that you can go to be alone. It’s nice to have the common room also. This is probably my favorite place in my suite because I have gotten so much closer to all of my roommates through all of the late night talks we seem to have while someone is supposed to be doing school work.

IM Kickboxing

Two suite mates

"Other things that Clock Tower offers that make it unique from other buildings: nice kitchens/study rooms on every floor, the wireless access in our lounge, and your own bathroom area! I also like living in Clock Tower because you get to have the ‘suite-style’ living which allows for more independence, yet you are still on campus and ‘in-the-loop.’"

Senior Jessica Allison, Ottumwa, Iowa

Relaxing in a lounge

“Life is so much different in Clock Tower because you have a lot closer and more intimate relationships with other people in your suite as opposed to having 20 other people on your floor that you may not be as close to.

"The living spaces in Clock Tower are big enough to accommodate a great number of people and still have space for your own room. The main room really facilitates hanging out and is a great place to hang out with friends without having to go to your bedroom. Also, it’s really nice to have a pre-apartment setting with three friends at college.

"Clock Tower is a really nice space that really adds to the quality of Cornell."

Senior Bryan Roush, Plymouth, Minn.