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Clock Tower keeps up with the times

Clocktower design

Open since August, Clock Tower Hall has already been embraced by the upperclass students who live there and eagerly anticipated by first- and second-year students who want to. The suite-style dorm, situated adjacent to Pauley-Rorem Hall, holds 96 students in 24 suites, each housing four students arranged around a living room. “Clock,” as students call it, provides an alternative that blends an off-campus atmosphere with an active on-campus community. Students, for their part, can’t rave enough about the newest addition to the Hilltop.

Working in a lounge

“We have a nice, large lounge area in each suite, and the aesthetics are nice. The common area is the biggest on campus, and it isn’t a problem to reserve it. The laundry room is even really clean. This being an upper class dorm, I don’t worry about my stuff being stolen. My roommates and I even do our laundry together.”

Senior Nate Benzschawel, Appleton, Wis.

“The lounge is a nice place to just chill out or even get some work done since it has wireless access. Plus the giant TV is a pretty sweet deal. The RAs treat us all with the respect that we older students have earned. I think alumni would be pleased to know that Clock’s keeping up with the times. It’s definitely a dorm that allows you to take advantage of its little perks.

Senior Josh Youngblood, Hilliard, Ohio

Using the wireless
Friends in a living room

“Most Cornell students are pretty busy. Luckily, living in a suite with my friends gives me the opportunity to see them more often. We all come back to the same place after a long day, and so it’s much easier to stay connected.

“Having a living room gives you a place to work or hang out with your friends. Unlike common areas, you feel comfortable having an intimate conversation with friends. A lot of people use the common room for events and for all-building socials. It’s nice for seniors to have their own space. It’s a transition to living on your own.”

Senior Julia Kamenetzky, Bettendorf, Iowa