Why support Cornell?

By John Smith '71
Campaign Chair
Cornell College Board of Trustees Chair-elect

headshot of John SmithJohn Smith '71

This is an exciting time in Cornell’s history, as we take steps to improve and enhance the Cornell experience. Extraordinary Opportunities: The Campaign for Cornell College is all about Cornell students. That’s why, when I was asked to chair the campaign, I gladly agreed. It’s a privilege to help the next generation of students.

I see a bright future for this college. Many educational institutions do not change with the times, but Cornell continually is adapting to meet student demands. This is important to me, because I want to support a college that is relevant. I want Cornell to offer one of the best liberal arts educations in the nation.

I see the extraordinary opportunities we offer students today and how they make a tangible difference for our graduates. And I’m excited about what’s next for Cornell and the goals of this campaign. As I’ve taken that message to alumni and friends of the college, they are willing—even eager—to support it.

The early planning and fundraising for the campaign have gone exceedingly well. At the public launch in October we had already raised $74 million toward our goal of $92 million. Today, just six months later, we stand at $79 million.

Indeed, we already are taking important steps to change our vision of what Cornell might be into a reality. Together we can ensure that Cornell continues to make a difference in this world through graduates well prepared to serve their communities.