Cornellians impact higher education

Eight Cornellians are having a significant impact helping hundreds of colleges and universities recruit and retain students. As leaders at Noel-Levitz, a higher education consulting firm, they work with clients throughout North America.

“We must have among the highest percentage of employees from the college of any company nationally,” says Peter Bryant, a senior vice president at Noel-Levitz and a Cornell trustee and honorary alum. “Importantly, we have Cornellians who are having a major, positive impact on the success of students and colleges and universities nationally. In that we take much pride.”

Between them, Bryant and Noel-Levitz CEO Kevin Crockett served 15 years as dean of enrollment at Cornell. They brought their knowledge to Noel-Levitz to help other colleges position themselves for long-term success.

But that’s not all. Noel-Levitz is also training the next generation of Cornellians for service to higher education.

“We have had the good fortune of having Cornell interns,” Bryant adds. “Most recently, Heather Roth, who just graduated from Cornell, served for two summers as an intern with us. We welcome being a source for internships.”