Alumni Photo Gallery

Cornellians at the May 3 wedding of Monica Davis Lyons ’02 in Dubuque, Iowa, included
(back row, from left) Marvin Leopold, Steve Miller ’65, Ruth Keefe Miller ’66, Stephanie Terry ’02, Dan McHugh ’02, Adie Berger McHugh ’02, (front row) Matt Forbis, Liz Davis Forbis ’04, RJ Holmes ’99, Monica Davis Lyons ’02, Meg Stewart ’07, and Ricky Legree ’05.

Cornellians at the July 14 wedding of Kimberly Gale DeVries ’04 in Minneapolis were
(back row, from left) Patsy Graham Ophaug ’74, Cindy Keune ’74, Maggie O’Rourke ’07, Nate Newmeister ’07, groom Cullen DeVries, Kayla Sorgenfrey Buck ’05, Caity O’Rourke ’05, Professor Steve DeVries, (fourth row) Laurel Krause ’72, Susan Taylor Spielman ’75, Tia Stackland McGinnis’74, Erika Pepmeyer ’04, Beth Linderbaum ’05, Katie Morris ’06, (third row) Alex Myers ’05, Jessica Cross ’05, Liz Bowman ’05, Holly Davis ’06, Megan Andresan ’06, Michelle Knowland ’06, Ursula Purwin ’04, Erin Weir ’06, Maggie Beach ’05, Christine Hamon ’03, Ruthie Brathwaite ’03 (second row) Lindsey Stoll ’03, April Brown ’04, Katie Frank ’08, Shannon Peters ’04, (front row) Jerry Gale ’74, Kimberly Gale DeVries ’04, and Nancy Krause Gale ’74.

OWLs in Vegas

1970s and ’80s Owls met in Las Vegas in May, and made plans for an annual reunion there.
From left: Jeff Embick ’78, Rick Jirsa ’81, Mark Engelen ’79, Tom O’Kane ’82, Dan Gorman ’80, Jack Chambers ’80, Jim Clark ’78, Bill Kramer ’80, Dean Riesen ’79, Dave Ver Woert ’82, and Chris Hipsley ’80. Not pictured: Bob Jirsa ’80.

1967 in Boston

A group of 1967 classmates recently held its third biennial reunion.
After meeting in Mount Vernon, Iowa, in 2004, they reunited in Minneapolis in
2006, and were in Boston in 2008. From left: Julia Dieckman Moore ’67, Betsy
Beers Shillinglaw ’69, Raylene Garrison Seramur ’67, Carol Monson Reinhard
’67, Sue Leigh Kingston ’67,
and Janet Polley Kennedy ’67.

Rood reunion

Rood House roommates and spouses reunited in March in Oak Ridge, Tenn. From left: Sid Garland ’47, Bernie Strauss, Carol Dunham Strauss ’47, Jean Newton Box ’47, Howard Box, and Janet Hyde Garland ’48.

Cornellians at Oakknoll

Cornellians gather at Oaknoll

Many Cornellians live at the Oaknoll retirement community in Iowa City, and in April they invited several additional Cornell guests for dinner and reminiscences.

Back row: Irene Livengood ’39, Keith Thayer ’51, Nancy Delahooke Thayer ’52, Janice Huey Hunter ’43, Helene Jolas Soper ’51, Beth Seydel Engel ’57, Miriam Temple ’55, Jan McConnelee Dom ’46, Professor Emerita Marcella Lee ’48, Professor Emeritus Ed Rogers ’39, and Bob Soper ’49

Front row: Margaret Keyes ’39, Professor Emerita Vivian Heywood, Gusti Kollman (widow of Professor Eric Kollman), Dorothy Rogers (wife of Ed Rogers), Jane Crawford Harding ’58, and Margaret Smyth Emmons ’44.

Other Cornellians or Cornell-related Oaknoll residents who could not attend: Linde and T. Hardie Park, emeritus professor of economics and business; Alberta Randall ’45; and Bob Engel ’55.