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Biology Professor emeritus T. Edwin Rogers ’39

Biology professor emeritus T. Edwin Rogers ’39 received the ultimate honor from a former student. L. Jackson “Jack” Roberts ’65, a professor at Vanderbilt University, was awarded an endowed chair and the privilege to name the chair in honor of someone. Jack chose to name it the T. Edwin Rogers Chair in Pharmacology and Medicine. “I was astonished when he called me and greatly honored,” Ed says. “I had not seen him or heard from him since he graduated.” Ed and his wife, Dorothy, live at Oaknoll retirement community in Iowa City. Ed attends Cornell Chautauqua classes and plays cornet in the New Horizons Band.

Rev. Richard Thomas

Lora Baltes, secretary in college communications for 21 years and coordinator of the Today@Cornell daily campus e-news, was named stewardship coordinator in alumni and college advancement.

Jan Boney, former professor of French (1990–2006), relocated to Louisiana to pursue professional opportunities to contribute to the cultural flourishing of Francophone Louisiana.

Paul Garvin, emeritus professor of geology, and Ellen Garvin, who retired from alumni and college advancement, will start 2007 on a two-year mission trip to Mexico City for the Mormon church. They will serve as directors of the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center, supervising 18 Latin American missionaries and two couples who guide visitors through and explain the center’s displays telling about the history of the church in Mexico. Paul had served in Mexico City during a two-year mission trip in his early 20s; the mission trip is Ellen’s first.

Debbie Green, former director of development (1998–2006), is vice president for development at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids.

Truman Jordan, emeritus professor of chemistry, and Richard Peterson, sociology professor, were appointed to Mount Vernon’s Planning and Zoning Commission. Jordan, a 40-year resident of Mount Vernon who served on the commission 20 years ago, was appointed to a term ending September 2010. Peterson, a member of the commission from 1994 to 2002 and a participant in the development of Mount Vernon’s comprehensive plan, fills a term expiring in September 2007.

Hugh Lifson, professor emeritus of art, was artist-in-residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, Neb., in October and November. His was the first appointment since Cornell and the center agreed to establish annual residencies of at least a month for Cornell faculty in art, theater, music, or creative writing.