More than just a name

Dean Cornell Maggi will never forget what brought his parents together.

During their first year at Cornell, Len Maggi ’95 and Julie Hindal Maggi ’95 worked at Cole Library, Julie in the computer lab, Len at the circulation desk. After working a late shift, they would walk together to their rooms in Pauley-Rorem. By the spring semester they were officially dating, and in the fall of their sophomore year engaged. They married at the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church a week before commencement.

“We both really enjoyed our time at Cornell,” Len says. The couple maintained a Cornell connection after graduation by participating for several years in college fairs at high schools in the St. Louis area where they live. They were more than happy to assist with Cornell’s recruiting efforts because friends Brian Taylor ’93 and Jason Turley ’93 were admissions representatives for the area.

Then came time for the Maggis to choose a name for their second son. They struggled with a first name, finally agreeing on Dean. They chose a middle name much quicker. Dean Cornell was born Jan. 10, 2006.

“Julie thought Cornell would be a good name because there’s a story behind it,” says Len, who admits the name seemed a “little odd” at first. Their friends get the connection immediately.

Julie has been an elementary school music teacher for 11 years. Len earned a Ph.D. from St. Louis University and is a research instructor at Washington University School of Medicine. They live in Florissant, Mo., with Dean and Brant Louis, 5—whose name combines the middle name of Julie’s father (Grant) with the middle name belonging to both Len and his father (Bruno). Louis is the name of Len’s grandfather.