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  1. C; The English department lost a shipment of books aboard the Titanic.

  2. A; The Rock, which was hauled to campus in 1889 by a horse-drawn wagon by members of the senior class, weights about 5,000 lbs., or 2.5 tons.

  3. C; In 1854 tuition was $20, room and board was $66, for a total of $86.

  4. B; The first Coe-Cornell football game was in 1891, beginning the oldest football rivalry west of the Mississippi.

  5. C; Ink Pond was dug on campus in 1966 and named for Raymond P. Ink, class of 1897 and founder of Delta Phi Rho, who in the early 20th century opened his farm northeast of campus to Cornellians for picnicking and tug of war across his farm pond.

  6. B; The stuffed moose head was mounted in Law Hall when it opened in 1925. After a few moves around campus, the moose returned to Law when the building was rededicated as a technology center in 2000.

  7. A; The oldest building on campus is the President's House, built in 1850 and purchased by Cornell President William Fletcher King in 1864.

  8. D; Baseball officially began intercollegiate athletics at Cornell in 1886.

  9. A & B; Frank Lloyd Wright and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra appeared in King Chapen despite power outages. In 1963 the orchestra continued playing Brahms' Symphony No. 1 from memory during the outage.

  10. A; San Jose State University is the only other college that house a college-community library.

  11. B; Dennis Weaver, who played Chester Goode in "Gunsmoke," trained at Cornell as a navy cadet in 1943. If you guessed A you would be close - James Daly '41 also appeared on "Gunsmoke," as well as "The Fugitive," "Ironsides," and "Mission: Impossible."

  12. A & B; Grant Wood and Carl Sandburg both made their first major public speaking engagements at Cornell. Toppy Tull invited Sandburg in 1920, and Sandburg returned annually through 1939 (except in 1937) and again in 1951 at age 73. He showed his gratitude by never asking for more than $100, his first honorarium, each time he returned.

  13. A,B, & C; Cornell is the first college west of the Mississippi to grant women the same rights as men, award a bachelor's degree to a woman (Mary Fellows, 1858), and award a female professor (Harriete Jay Cooke) the same salary as a male.

  14. B; Frank Armstrong, Class of 1900 and Cornell's first African-American graduate, worked for Booker T. Washington. Armstrong had the honor of introducing Washington when he spoke on campus.

  15. D; Orson Welles was recommended to Cornell by his principal at the Todd School for Boys in Woodstock, Ill. He chose not to attend college.

  16. A; William Cornell, for whom the college is named, built the New York Stock Exchange. He was the fifth cousin, once removed, of Ezra Cornell, who founded Cornell University 12 years after Cornell College.

  17. C; The Literary Society rooms in College Hall were the first locations to receive electricity in 1897.

  18. C; King Chapel may be the only chapel ever built with an armory, which housed the Cornell cannon.

  19. D; McWethy Hall (formerly Alumni Gym) is the only building on campus designed by an alum, Grant Miller, Class of 1899.

  20. C; Dancing was first allowed on campus in 1926. Until 1931, however, students had to have written parental permission to dance.

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