Thank you for hosting a Cornell Fellow! The survey below is an opportunity to provide feedback about your experience with the Cornell Fellows Program. As a site mentor, you played a significant role in the learning and professional development experience of our students. Information from this survey will be useful to continue helping our students learn from the fellowship as well as to prepare future students for fellowship opportunities. Please contact RJ Holmes-Leopold if you have any questions.

Site Mentor's Name

LEARNING OBJECTIVE 1: To enable Cornell Fellows to apply the liberal arts to the world.

Briefly describe the fellowship project including roles and responsibilities of the Cornell Fellow with your organization.

How have you assessed the Fellow’s progress in meeting the objectives of their fellowship project?

How successful was the Cornell Fellow in meeting the expectations of their fellowship project and what was the quality of their work?

LEARNING OBJECTIVE 2: To completely immerse Cornell Fellows in a workplace setting and in the culture of a potential career field.

What tangible skills will the Cornell Fellow take away from their fellowship experience?

How well did your Cornell Fellow act in a professional manner throughout the fellowship? Do you have suggestions for improvement?

How proactive was your Cornell Fellow in learning about your organization and your industry?

LEARNING OBJECTIVE 3: To connect Cornell Fellows with professional mentors in their potential career field.

As a mentor, how much time per week did you dedicate to providing guidance to the Cornell Fellow and how useful was your time together?

Were there any problems or concerns with your Cornell Fellow during the fellowship?

How well did your Cornell Fellow respond to feedback and constructive criticism?

If your organization were hiring new employees, would you consider your Cornell Fellow for a vacancy? Why or why not?


How helpful and effective were your communications with the Cornell Fellows Program during the placement process?

How helpful and effective were your communications with the Cornell Fellows Program during the fellowship to support the success of your Fellow at your organization?

Would you be interested in hosting another Cornell Fellow in the future? Why or why not?

Any general feedback about the Cornell Fellows Program?