Cornell Fellowships are high-quality opportunities for corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies to utilize the skills and talents of an outstanding Cornell student. Cornell Fellowships are approximately eight weeks in length and occur throughout the calendar year. Host sites benefit from:

  • Working with students educated in the liberal arts tradition;
  • Analyses from the viewpoint of a young, ambitious, and currently trained student;
  • Completion of a substantial project that helps the organization; and,
  • Knowledge of the skills and attitudes of a prospective young employee.

Additionally, each Cornell Fellow is works directly with an on-site professional mentor. The professional mentors:

  • Meet with the Fellow to finalize a suitable fellowship project and to develop a concrete learning and assessment plan;
  • Either serve as the Fellow's supervisor or enlist another professional to serve as the supervisor, who will meet regularly with the Fellow to assess progress toward goals, to provide feedback on the Fellow's performance, and to support timely fellowship project completion.
  • Explore with the Fellow opportunities related to their career fields.
  • When appropriate, facilitate an on-site presentation of the findings of the fellowship project.

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For more information on becoming a Cornell Fellows host site, contact RJ Holmes-Leopold.