Cornell Fellows should complete each of the following items during the fellowship:

  • Arrive on time, complete tasks as assigned, and be professional.
  • Meet with your site mentor on a regular basis.
  • By the start of week two of the fellowship, submit your completed Learning and Assessment Plan.
  • Submit a weekly activity report to the Cornell Fellows Program via the Cornell Fellows Blog or email every Tuesday throughout the fellowship.
  • Document your fellowship with digital photos. Examples of photos to capture include you in front of a sign with the name of your host organization, you at your work station, you with your site mentor and/or work colleagues, and you at local events/scenery. Be sure to periodically upload photos to your fellowship blog.
  • Communicate with your faculty sponsor and keep them up to date on the progress of your fellowship.
  • If you are having problems at your fellowship, contact Jason Napoli immediately to get help in creating resolution to the concerns.