• One thing that I did which helped me to write my blogs was to keep a daily journal of everything that I did. This was helpful because during my fellowship I was so busy doing things that it seemed like projects were running together and I couldn't remember what I did when. So it was nice to be able to look back at my journal to write my blog.
  • In writing a good blog, I would focus on the most important aspect of the week and just tell your true feelings and how things went. Don't sugar-coat anything!

  • Writing an effective blog entry just requires time. It would take me like 30-45 minutess to write my blogs. Make sure you don't leave out the smallest detail; everything that happens is valuable information that you can write about. Also sometimes it helps to just sit there and write everything you're thinking about, and then go back and edit. It was very easy to get caught up in being formal and in those cases it would take me even longer to write my blogs.

  • Make sure to explore the site thoroughly so that all of the options are well understood before blogs are due. It is a pain in the butt to try and figure things out when you have a deadline and you are busy with your fellowship work.

  • Keep a daily journal of your own accord, then at the end of the week, write the entry while the experience is still fresh. You also have to find that line of material vs. audience knowledge. Although you know much pertaining to your field, the viewer may not, so include the details, but also put it into perspective.

Other Blog Tips:

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