Step 1

Go to and click "Cornell Fellows Blogs" in the left-hand navigation bar.

Blog Image 1

Step 2

You are now in the Cornell Fellows Blog. The main page of the Blog will always feature the most up-to-date postings of Cornell Fellows. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the main navigation bar for the Blog. Each Fellow will have their name listed as a "Category" in the Blog so people can easily access that student's Blog.

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Step 3

Scroll down on your computer screen so you see the lower end of the left-hand navigation bar. You will now see the "Archives" of the Cornell Fellows Blogs listed by month. All Blogs are automatically archived by month.

Below the archives section is the "Meta" section and you will see a link to "Log in." Click "Log in" to go to the Cornell central log-in screen to be able to enter Blog posts.

Blog Image 3

Step 4

After hitting "Log in" in the Cornell Fellows Blog, you should be taken to a Cornell central log in screen. WordPress is the blogging software Cornell uses for all of the College's official Blogs. You will need to enter your Cornell username and password to access WordPress.

If you have not logged into WordPress before, please do so and email Jason Napoli immediately after. In order to grant you permission to access the Cornell Fellows Blog, you must have logged into the program at least once.

Step 5

After logging into WordPress, you should be taken to the Cornell Fellows screen. Make sure you are on the Cornell Fellows Blog and not your own personal Blog (hint: your name will appear instead of Cornell Fellows in the upper left-hand corner).

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see a link that says "Add New" under the "Posts" group; click "Add New" to begin creating your Blog post.

Blog Image 5

Step 6

Once you hit "Add New" you will be taken to a blank screen where you will enter your weekly Blog post. As a reminder, Blog entries are due every Tuesday during the course of the fellowship.

Blog Image 6

Step 7

When posting a Blog entry, please use the following format...

  • Header should be "Week (insert number): (Name of host site)"
  • Click on the HTML tab at the top right corner of the text area to begin writing your entry. Typing in the HTML window is helpful for editing purposes prior to making the entry live on the website.
  • The first line of the entry should be your name, class year, and name of your fellowship
  • The body of your entry should include three elements:
    • a brief summary of what you accomplished during the past week,
    • highlights of what you have specifically learned (personally and professionally) thus far as part of the fellowship and how Cornell has prepared you for the experience, and, 
    • comments reflecting on how the experience is impacting your future personal and professional plans.
  • If you are going to add a photo to your Blog entry (you should include photos in at least 2 Blog posts), click the little image of the camera next to where it says "Upload/Insert" right above the text entry box.When you click on the image of the camera it should say "Add Media."
  • Once you are done with your Blog post, hit "Save Draft" in the "Publish" box on the right hand-side of the screen. Cornell Fellows staff will be reviewing your Blog entry before it becomes "live" on the Cornell Fellows website each Wednesday.
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