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Post content and formatting


  • Begin with "Week X:"
  • Create a short, unique title for each post. Aim for <50 characters so that full title shows up in search results and looks good in the theme. Try to make titles engaging, active, and specific where possible.
  • E.g.
    • Week 8: Great results from our experiment
    • Week 1: Getting settled at Target headquarters
    • Week 4: First Theatre fundraiser a big success

Content - text

    • Begin with the date you are writing and a brief summary paragraph
      • Don't put subheadings or images in front of first paragraph, unless there is a custom excerpt (see below)
    • Make content easy to scan and read
      • Short paragraphs -- generally 2-3 sentences
      • H2 subheadings often helpful to break off long text
      • Bulleted lists where appropriate


General instructions

  • For all images except headshots, upload the highest resolution JPG image available. For best results get the file directly from the camera rather than from Facebook etc.
  • It often helps to crop images so that the subject is more prominent and extraneous background elements are removed.
  • For all images except headshots, a standard 6x4 aspect ratio is best for most images.

Featured image

  • The theme allows for a single, horizontal image to appear at the top of posts and categories. The featured image will also be used in any RSS feeds.
  • Featured images should always be 6x4 and must be at least 800px wide. Always use the full size image and make sure it fills the width of the page content on a large display.
  • Featured images are good to add whenever there is a strong image available, but shouldn't be used for images of marginal quality.

Images within post content

  • For images that are aligned left or right, use medium size images. These will look good on all device sizes.
  • To display high quality images more prominently, choose "align = none" and use the large image size. This is preferable to using "align = center".