Please provide a candid assessment of the applicant's potential to serve with distinction as a Cornell Fellow. When developing your letter of recommendation, please be sure to address the following areas which are useful to the screening committee:

  • How long and in what manner you know the applicant;
  • Your assessment of the applicant's work habits, their ability to be responsible in a professional work setting, and motivation to succeed;
  • Your evaluation of the applicant's leadership potential , promise for success at the fellowship site, and level of maturity;
  • An estimation of how competent academically the student is in preparation for the responsibilities associated with the fellowship; and,
  • An appraisal of the fellowship's relevance to the applicant's academic and professional interests.

Letters submitted on behalf of a fellowship applicant will be reviewed by members of the on-campus screening committee, but may also be viewed potential site mentors and donors for the fellowship. If you have concerns about the student which you do not feel would be appropriate to disclose as part of a recommendation letter, please contact Jason Napoli in a separate communication to have those remarks included in only the on-campus screening committee's evaluation of the applicant.

Completed letters should be submitted directly from the faculty sponsor to the Cornell Fellows Program via campus mail to box 1650 or via email to Jason Napoli.