1. Fellowship Site (organization and location)

2. Fellowship Project (please summarize what you did)

3. What were your academic majors/minors at Cornell? Was your fellowship related to your majors/minors?

4. In what ways did your academic experience at Cornell effectively prepare, or not prepare, you for your Cornell Fellowship? (e.g., specific courses, block plan, research projects)

5. Were there any specific learning opportunities at Cornell that helped prepare you for your fellowship experience, (e.g, leadership in student organizations, professional skill development workshops, faculty/staff mentors)? If so, how?

6. In what ways, if at all, did your Cornell Fellowship influence your experiences in college after your fellowship? (e.g., thought about courses differently, went on additional off-campus study trips, decided to attend/not attend graduate school, networked to find a job)

7. Looking back at your Cornell Fellowship, what was the most valuable aspect(s) of your learning experience as a Fellow?


11. What are your primary roles and responsibilities in your current position? What do you like most? Any future plans/goals?

12. Looking back at your Cornell Fellows experience, how if at all, did your fellowship help prepare you for your current position? In what ways?


13. In general, how if at all, did your fellowship help prepare for you for life after college? In what ways?

14. What do you know now that you wish you would have known when you were a Cornell Fellow?

15. Any additional reflections you would like to share about your Cornell Fellows experience and/or life after college?