Major: Economics & Business

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

My fellowship experience: My experience with the Cornell Fellows program as the Hanson Fellow in Finance was extremely beneficial from a professional and a personal standpoint.  I learned a substantial amount of technical skills that are essential to a career in finance.  In addition, I learned a great deal about myself, my ability to live on my own, and how to best work in a professional environment. The vast accounting experience that I received through this fellowship will be extremely important in helping to secure a job for after graduation.  Almost every job in finance requires some accounting experience, and this internship gave me the necessary skills and tools that I can apply to my future career.

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John Srodulski

John Srodulski '14

Hanson Fellow in Finance

Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

Aims of the Fellowship
I hope to gain an advanced understanding on the accounting principals and systems of Teacher Created Materials. In addition, I hope to learn the inner workings of a small business by talking to numerous people about their day to day tasks within the company. I hope to use this internship to further narrow down what I would like to do after graduation, whether it be accounting or some other type of finance such as financial analysis or even becoming a CFO. I also hope to gain solid business connections, and to further my networking skills.

Faculty Sponsor
Todd Knoop, Economics & Business