Major: Politics and International Relations

Hometown: Helena, Montana

My fellowship experience: Through my fellowship I was able to delve into the world of human rights non-profits and volunteerism from a unique vantage point.  I had the opportunity to research and learn in depth about human trafficking and poverty in developing nations. I was able to perform real tasks as a fellow and community outreach intern at ITEMP including but not limited to: researching and giving awareness presentations, creating a platform for perpetrator reeducation programs, designing and implementing a volunteer outreach program and maintaining and taking full advantage of online resources.

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Claire McGuire

Claire McGuire '14

Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Community Outreach

Institute for Exploited, Trafficked and Missing Persons & God's Child Project

Aims of the Fellowship
Have a better understanding of International aid organizations and the way that they run, especially in regard to communication. Learn how to plan and execute a major fundraising event for a Non-profit Organizations. In depth understanding of the issues of human trafficking, sexploitation and world poverty.

Faculty Sponsor
David Yaminishi, Politics