Major: Archaeology and Art History

Hometown: Rio Grande City, Texas

My fellowship experience: During my fellowship I was able to work on the exhibition that is on display now at the Mexican Museum.  My responsibility was to work on the text panels that are provided with each artwork in the exhibition. Also, the museum is in the process of moving to a new larger location, so I got to witness the gradual change of a small-scale museum expanding to a larger scale.The other half of my fellowship focused on studying more about Chicano art and tracing back its history since its beginnings. I conducted several interviews and was able to enhance my communication and networking skills, something that will serve me as a great advantage going forward.

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Maricruz Gutierrez

Maricruz Gutierrez '14

Black Fellow in Chicano Art

Mexican Museum
San Francisco, California

Aims of the Fellowship
I hope to gain curatorial experience as I will help with the upcoming fall exhibition, and more knowledge of the maintenance of Mexican Museum's collection. Also, it is my aim to get as much information to Chicano/a art as I will interview artists from the 1970s to contemporary. My purpose is to bring more recognition to Chicano/a art to the Midwest area.

Faculty Sponsor
Ellen Hoobler, Art/Art History