Major: History and Classical Studies

Hometown: Munster, Indiana

My fellowship experience:
Through my fellowship I was able to gain curatorial and archival museum experience and discover many more intricacies in the method, purpose, and practice regarding museum work. My new curatorial experience encourages me to pursue similar work, like continued editorial positions, while my archival experience motivates me to seek out more information about conservation and preservation.

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Jessika Castillo-Rivera

Jessika Castillo-Rivera '14

Small Fellow in Museum Studies

African American Museum of Iowa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Aims of the Fellowship
The purpose of this practicum is to become acquainted with curatorial and archival best practices within the context of a historical museum. Jessika's goals are to sort, house, and organize the Virgil Powell Collection, back up and make searchable online the museum's oral history collections, and revise outdated museum traveling exhibits for re-print.

Faculty Sponsor
Phil Lucas, History