Samantha Reed '13


Major: Secondary Education and Spanish
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

My fellowship experience:
I can’t stress enough how much more practice I gained in the education field because of this fellowship.  I was able to practice my Spanish constantly for two months, in and out of the school.  I tried out a myriad of different ideas and concepts in the classroom, and I made lasting friendships with several of the teachers at La Mila.  After this internship, my professional work environment is much less daunting and much more accessible.  I feel like I know where to find the resources I need when I need them.  I also feel that I know how to best use my time and what aspects of teaching and planning deserve extra time.  By completing this once in a lifetime opportunity, my entire professional career will be easier and more enjoyable, both for me and the students. 

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Samantha Reed '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Julian International Fellow in Education

Colegio Medalla Milagrosa
Avila, Spain

Aims of the Fellowship
To teach English in Avila and fulfill the second half of my student teaching requirements.

Faculty Sponsor: Jill Heinrich, Education