Brianna Meeks '13


Major: English

Hometown: Norcross, Georgia

My fellowship experience: This fellowship helped me see more clearly what career I would wish to have in the future. Although I work as an editor for the Cornellian, I now know without a doubt that journalism is not the field for me. Prior to this internship, creative writing and editing were also on the table in regard to careers, along with journalism. I have found that I prefer writing creative work and editing creative work, and as I am an editor for Open Field I already know that I enjoy this side of editing. 

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Brianna Meeks '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Bowman Fellow in Sustainability

University of Iowa Office of Sustainability
Iowa City, Iowa

Aims of the Fellowship
To immerse myself in a work environment and experience the multifaceted things I can do with an English degree.

Faculty Sponsor
Michelle Mouton, English