Megan McElhaney '13


Major: Art and Environmental Studies

Hometown: Akron, OH

My fellowship experience:
The experience of being abroad for the first time taught me a great deal about what it means to travel. It's not just adventure and new foods. It's watching your long-held beliefs and ignorances being torn from you and tossed out the window of the crowded bus, leaving you to try to replace them with something you are reluctant to take.

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Megan McElhaney '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Kepler International Fellow in Sustainable Agriculture

New Delhi, India

Aims of the Fellowship
The purpose of the fellowship is to learn about and participate in Navdanya's multifaceted approach to promoting environmental sustainability and social justice through agriculture, politics, and education and to complete a significant project that is useful for the organization and appropriate for both my fellowship and my environmental studies major capstone requirement.

Faculty Sponsor:
Rhawn Denniston, Geology