Neil McCray '13


Major: Philosophy and Applied Political Thought
Hometown: Karnack, TX

My fellowship experience:

My time at Goldwater showed me a new and more practical path than pure academia that I might take as I move beyond undergraduate study. I have known since I came to Cornell that I was interested either in becoming a professor or working at a think tank. Now that I have seen policy advocacy in action, I know where my academic interests lie and I have a better understanding of what I want to do after my time at Cornell. 

After graduation Neil was hired in a research job at the American Enterprise Institute, a free market think tank.  He credits his Goldwater Institute experience, in large part, for getting the position. 

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Neil McCray '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Guild Fellow in Public Affairs

Goldwater Institute
Phoenix, AZ

Aims of the Fellowship
Through policy research, staff mentoring, seminar attendance, event participation and administrative assistance, gain a foundational understanding of classical liberal principles and first-hand knowledge of how those principles relate to current public policy at the level of state government.

Faculty Sponsor
Robert Sutherland, Politics