Kyle Decker '15


Major: Biochemistry and Psychology 

Hometown: Slinger, WI

My fellowship experience:
Specifically, this internship has given me insight as to just how broad the field of “clinical psychology” is, while also reminding me that specialization is not something I can or should worry about for a few years, at least.  I used to believe that I needed a set “plan” of what exactly I wanted to do and how I wanted to apply it to be successful.  Now I understand that this certainty is not as much of a necessity as I previously thought, and that so long as I intelligently follow my passions in this field, there will be something waiting for me at the other end.

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Kyle Decker '15

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Taylor Fellow in Psychology & Therapy

University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics
Iowa City, Iowa

Aims of the Fellowship
To gain a further understanding of psychiatry research, both in general and as it concerns Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) specifically.

Faculty Sponsor
Sue Astley, Psychology