Twining International Fellow in Humanitarian Aid

African Great Lakes Initiatives
Bujumbura, Mutaho; Burundi

Aims of the Fellowship

I worked as an extended service volunteer/intern under AGLI’s Healing & Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) branch in Burundi and Rwanda. My work with the NGO and emersion in the cultural customs and practices of two developing countries both gave me a broader, multi-cultural understanding of community and civic engagement and solidified my interest in healing and reconciliation work. I researched the feasibility of a children's language program, spent time at a construction workcamp and was trained in community trauma healing and reconciliation. The knowledge I've acquired and experiences I've had have by far exceeded my expectations and have also given me some insight on how HROC workshops could be adapted for American military veterans, a topic that I am now interested in pursuing more in depth.

Faculty Sponsor

Shannon Reed, English

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