Alyssa Zavislak '13


Major: Political Science and International Relations
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: Lombard, IL

My fellowship experience:
I gained a lot of insight into the problems that developing countries face that most Americans are oblivious to. To combat these issues, I learned about various strategies that aim to address poverty, gender discrimination, and class stratification. More broadly, I gained a new perspective on how to appreciate small things in life that are often taken for granted, such as running water and electricity.

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Alyssa Zavislak '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Freer International Fellow in Community Development

Handi Outreach Home
North Accra, Ghana

Aims of the Fellowship
I was assigned to work in a women and children's shelter within the local community, as well as meet weekly with other non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations to try to collaborate ideas and plan events to help the rural communities within Ghana. In addition, I tutored children between the ages of 5 to 18 and educated women on various problems that developing countries face (HIV/AIDS, domestic abuse, access to adequate healthcare, etc.).

Faculty Sponsor
Aparna Thomas, Politics