Thu Ra '12


Major: Economics & Business and Psychology
Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

My fellowship experience:
Not only I gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience in supply chain management, the internship gave me an inspiration to pursue a graduate degree in supply chain management at Case Western Reserve University.

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Thu Ra '12

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Supply Chain Management

Quaker Oats
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aims of the Fellowship
-Participated as a supply chain associate in the management team of the Quality Assurance Department.
-Independently completed the system clean-up and update for plant-wide heat monitoring system and MARS ingredient inventory system.
-Successfully implemented the communication program of F22K food safety project by developing weekly information slides to put on the bulletin boards and communication TVs, and created pamphlets to be distributed to employees worldwide.

Faculty Sponsor
A’amer Farooqi, Economics & Business