Cornell Fellows are placed in a wide variety of professional roles and industries across the United States. During the course of what is normally an eight-week experience, Fellows accomplish tangible and complex projects that allow them to contribute to their host organization as well as develop significant insight into a potential career path.

Ben Alleva '13
Black Fellow in Bioscience
Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX

Liz Broussard ‘12
Merner Fellow in Food Consumption
Cultivate Hope; Cedar Rapids, IA

Erin Daly ’12
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Ancient Near Eastern History
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago; Chicago, IL

Maria Davis '13
Dimensions Fellow in Research
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

Nga Dinh ’12
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Applied Economics and Business
TGen; Phoenix, AZ

MacKenzie Dreeszen ’14
Armstrong Fellow in Food Consumption
Cultivate Hope; Cedar Rapids, IA

Kyle Durgin '14
Dimensions Fellow in Research
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

Parker Emrich '13
Dr. James Culbertson Fellow in Chemistry/Health
Mayo Clinic; Rochester, MN

Sophie Gaynor ’12
Rogers Fellow in Environmental Studies
Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Studies; Columbia, SC

Jack Harrington ’12
Vermund Fellow in Representative Government
Office of Congressman Dave Loebsack; Washington, DC

Kalissa Holdcraft '13
Keyes Fellow in Urban Policy Development
U.S. Conference of Mayors; Washington, DC

Alec Hynes '13
Johnson Fellow in Performance Studies
L'Abri Fellowship; Greatham, England

Michael Johnson ’12
Samuel and Bridget Schroeder International Fellow in Community Art
Project Oscar; Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

Jordan Kemme '13
Becker Fellow in Neuroscience
University of Chicago; Chicago, IL

Emily Kipper '13
Ebersole Fellow in Children's Health
The Children's Hospital; Aurora, CO

Jennifer Knox ’14
Stanclift Fellow in International Policy
Global Zero; Washington, DC

Chris Lopez '13
Dimensions Fellow in Research
University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA

Ellen Mariano ’12
Chaffin Fellow in Arts in Healthcare
Shands Hospital, University of Florida; Gainesville, FL

Matt McGowan ’12
Mansfield Foundation International Fellow in Traditional Medicine
Child Family Health International; New Delhi, India

Gibran Nasir '13
Kao Fellow in Medical Biotechnology
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute; Baltimore, MD

Chelsea Nissen ’12
Black Fellow in Geology
Cornell College & University of Iowa; Mount Vernon & Iowa City, Iowa

Lindsay Otten ’12
Kent Fellow in Political Marketing
Smart Vote; Cedar Rapids, IA

Spencer Partridge ’13
Williams Fellow in Energy Policy
BCS Inc; Arvada, CO

Melissa Peebles ’13
Great West Ventures Fellow in Publishing
Westview Press; Boulder, CO

Yee Mon Phyu ’12
Hanson Fellow in Accounting
Teacher Created Materials; Huntington Beach, CA

Elle Pope ’13
Heywood Fellow in Civil War History
Marietta Museum of History; Marietta, GA

Thu Ra ’12
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in Supply Chain Management
Quaker Oats; Cedar Rapids, IA

Dan Rowland ’13
Baker Fellow in Representative Government
Office of Senator Charles Grassley; Washington, DC

Anders Swanson ’12
McConnell International Fellow in Secondary Education
La Medalla Milagrosa; Avila, Spain

Rose Tarullo ’12
Stout International Fellow in Elementary Education
Interstate New Teacher Assessment Support Consortium; Avila, Spain

Fia Wulur '13
Anderson Fellow in Public Affairs
National Association of Chain Drug Stores; Washington, DC

Alyssa Zavislak ’13
Freer International Fellow in Community Development
Handi Outreach Home; North Accra, Ghana

Xinrui Zeng '12
Mansfield Foundation Fellow in International Policy
Council on Foreign Relations; New York, NY

Emily Zimmon ’12
Black International Fellow in Humanitarian Aid
PEACE; Bahia de Banderas, Mexico