MacKenzie Dreeszen '14


Major: Kinesiology and Psychology
Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

My fellowship experience:
There is a lot of planning and commitment that goes into establishing an urban farm, and this experience taught me about sustainability and healthy living.  Many of the residents in the Northwest and Taylor neighborhoods have a desire to live healthier, more environmentally-friendly lifestyles, and I feel this the Matthew 25 urban farm is a solution that will lead to healthier diets of fresh fruits and vegetables while eliminating the energy costs of transporting food long distances and will provide residents with opportunities to volunteer and gain job training.  It was rewarding for me to be a part of this life-changing program that will be so beneficial for the community of Cedar Rapids.

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MacKenzie Dreeszen '14

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Armstrong Fellow in Food Consumption

Matthew 25
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Aims of the Fellowship
I performed a variety of tasks including distributing and collecting fresh fruit and vegetable surveys, entering survey data using Microsoft Access, writing applications for grants for an urban farm, handing out flyers for an open house for the urban farm, compiling a storm water management plan for a building permit application, ordering seeds for the urban farm, researching greenhouse materials and successful community garden programs, and attending a Healthy Living Coalition meeting.

Faculty Sponsor
Jennifer Fagenbaum, Kinesiology