Elizabeth Davis '13


Major: Politics and Mathematics 
Minor: Physics
Hometown: Barboursville, VA

My fellowship experience:

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Elizabeth Davis '13

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Sweet Fellow in Energy Policy

BCS, Inc.
Arvada, CO

Aims of the Fellowship
The purpose of my fellowship project will be to support two upcoming, BCS-planned events:

  • Research and planning support for the USTDA Indonesia Geothermal Reverse Trade Mission
  • Support updating the U.S. Department of Energy’s State Incentives and Resource Database
  • The goals of these two projects are to gain a better understanding of how the U.S. government develops program and policy objectives and how contractors assist in successfully and efficiently accomplishing the tasks. Furthermore, I will become familiar with various energy-related international development projects and the latest state-level energy policies and their effect on business and industry.

Faculty Sponsor: Kara Beauchamp