Paul Worrell '10


Major: Elementary Education
Minor: French
Hometown: La Porte City, IA

My Cornell Fellows experience:
"My student teaching journey in Japan has continued to be amazing. I have made it through a whole week at Katoh Schools, and it feels as if I have always been here. The students have accepted me, and they truly make everything worth the work...I also want to give credit to Cornell’s education department which has prepared me quite well. Without the hard work and wonderful teaching I received last year I would not be who I am today in the classroom."

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Paul Worrell '10

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Mansfield Foundation International Fellow in Elementary English Immersion Education

Katoh Gakuen Gyoshu School
Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan

Aims of the Fellowship
This fellowship is my student teaching experience overseas in Japan. Its purpose is to develop my teaching skill and provide a unique cultural aspect to my teaching style. With this fellowship, I will be prepared not only to lead a classroom, but potentially to lead an international classroom.

Faculty Sponsor: Kerry Bostwick