CJ Brooks '10


Major: Econimcs & Business
Wichita, KS

My fellowship experience
"I learned a valuable life lesson from that experience which was that in school there is often a solid defined answer which it is your job to chase, in life there is no such answer and your job is to know when to continue and when to stop and find a new approach."

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CJ Brooks '10

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Christ-Janer International Fellow in Sales and Marketing

Lanxess Corporation
Leverkausen, Germany

Aims of the Fellowship
For my International fellowship in marketing I completed an eight week internship at the global company headquarters of the Lanxess Corporation located in the industrial town of Leverkusen Germany. Lanxess is a chemical company that produces a wide array of different products that serve many markets.

Faculty Sponsor: Santhi Hejeebu