Holly Davis '06


Major:  Sociology; Child Development and Care Systems

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

My fellowship experience:
"It was the perfect complement to my academic studies as well as professional aspirations, and I am now better equipped with tools that will help me immensely in the future, no matter the field of work I end up in."

Holly Davis '06

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Riesen Fellowship in Early Childhood Development and Policy

Fifteen in Five Early Childhood Initiative

Cedar Rapids, IA

Aims of the Fellowship
I attend the Linn County Empowerment Board meetings (the board that initiated this 15 in 5 project), attend 15 in 5 Committee meetings, meet with community members and people knowledgeable about early childhood.  The most significant part of my work has been doing extensive research about model programs in other communities, background information about the importance of early childhood education/care, possible funding sources, and important elements of a successful policy initiative. 

Faculty Sponsor
Gayle Luck, Education