Tristan Cook '07


Major:  Psychology; History

Minor:  American Politics
Hometown: Madison, WI

My fellowship experience
"One of the most valuable insights I was able to realize was the interconnectedness of everything.  Nothing in politics happens without its consequences and implications being felt throughout the political universe.  Something as simple as a press release by a Congressman could have far-reaching policy implications in nations that it affects."

Tristan Cook '07

Fellowship Overview

Fellowship Name
Riesen Fellow in Public Affairs

Office of Congressman Jim Leach
Washington, DC

Aims of the Fellowship
It has been my unique experience during the course of this fellowship to work for a Representative of the United States Congress both as part of the campaign staff and as part of the Washington, DC office staff, both of which provide vastly different and yet significant insights into the worlds of federal politics. The intent of my receipt of the Riesen Fellowship for Public Affairs was to be able to enjoy a great degree of experiential education through internships both at the United States Congress in Washington, DC and as a part of the field office staff in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, IA.

Faculty Sponsor
Rob Sutherland, Politics