All students appointed to a Cornell Fellowship are expected to meet the following responsibilities:

  • Gain support of a faculty member to act as a faculty sponsor for the fellowship.
  • Meet with the site mentor to set expectations for work hours and professional conduct at the site, outline the fellowship project, identify learning objectives, and to create an assessment plan for the fellowship.
  • Report for the fellowship position on time and fulfill all work responsibilities in their position description and/or learning and assessment plan.
  • Meet routinely with their direct supervisor, site mentor (if different from the direct supervisor), and faculty sponsor (by phone or email) to track progress on the learning and assessment plan.
  • Plan and execute a substantive project, make an oral presentation (on-site and/or on -campus) about the project, and write a complete report.
  • Submit weekly activity reports providing updates on the fellowship experience.
  • Document the experience through digital photographs that can be used for the Cornell Fellows website and program marketing.
  • Prepare a written summary of the fellowship experience reflecting on what was accomplished and how the fellowship has influenced the fellow's academic and professional goals.