Appointment to a Cornell Fellowship is a highly selective process. All applications will be reviewed by a screening committee comprised of Cornell Fellows Program faculty and staff. Students may apply for multiple fellowships, but selection is generally limited to one fellowship per student. The selection process includes the following components:

  • Review of all submitted application materials. The screening committee will carefully examine the resume, personal statement, unofficial transcript, and faculty letter of recommendation for each applicant. Reviewers will be looking for positive evidence of the student's work ethic and their ability to be self-directed, examples of successful leadership experience through on and off campus activities, illustrations of when the student has taken on responsibility for tasks and pursued them to completion, suitable academic preparation for the fellowship through previous coursework, and a clear understanding of their professional interests.
  • Interview. Applicants will be asked to participate in an in-person interview with members of the screening committee. Interviewers will be assessing the applicant's ability to effectively articulate their thoughts and ideas, whether the applicant possesses an appropriate level of maturity, how the applicant demonstrates solid interpersonal skills, and in what ways the applicant is able to act in a professional manner.
  • Site interview. In some situations, applicants may be asked to complete additional interviews with the prospective fellowship site. These interviews may occur via telephone or in person, and the applicant may be required to submit additional interviews for the site's consideration.
  • Notification. After all necessary interviews have been completed each applicant will receive official notification via email about the status of their application. Applicants who are appointed to a fellowship will need to schedule an individual meeting with Rebecca Sullens to begin the pre-fellowship process. Applicants who are not appointed may consider applying for a different fellowship as part of the next application cycle as well as receive feedback from the Cornell Fellows Program upon request.