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Week 3: Spence Laboratories, University of Iowa

Tiffany Lawless ’15, Coleman Fellow in Psychology This week, I was allowed to really sink my teeth into the various projects in Dr. Wasserman’s lab. In one project, we are preparing to test the pigeons with rotated stimuli to see if they can generalize what they’ve learned. These pigeons already have very high accuracy when […] Read More

Week 5: Calarge Lab

Allan Knight ’14, Chaffin Fellow of Psychology It’s been a little over a month, and I feel like I have established something of a routine here at the lab. I mostly enter data now for the bone loss prevention study. This study is a kind of sister project to the SSRI bone mass density study, […] Read More

Week 8: 1st Stage

Week 7: Global Zero

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Eli Wade-Scott, United Way of East Central Iowa  

Research on homelessness in Linn County, Spring ‘10 

Frances Dixon, Riverside Casino and Golf Resort  

Working with the accounting department, Summer ‘09 

Kasun Wijegunawardana, D. L. & F. De Saram Attorneys-at-Law  

Researching on legal topics in Sri Lanka, Summer ‘09 

Kait Wiszt, Teacher Created Materials  

Editing and product development of educational materials, Summer ‘09 

Chelsea Korpanty, The Field Museum  

Assisting the collections manager of paleobotany, Spring ‘10 

Olga Vovk, Teacher Created Materials  

Shadowed in the accounting department, Fall ‘10 

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As a Cornell Fellow students participate in experiences connecting classroom theories with real-life applications. From this experience, Fellows develop a sharpened sense of their personal abilities and values which prepares them for a lifetime of professional service and leadership. With the support of a strong alumni and professional network and from exceptional faculty sponsors, a Cornell Fellowship is a distinctive and highly regarded aspect of a Cornell College education.