2015 - 2016 topics courses

CSC 355. Mobile App Development
Students will learn how to write software for mobile devices, including smart phones and tablet computers. DELAUBENFELS

CSC 356. Human-Robot Interaction
This course focuses on the emerging field of human-robot interaction, bringing together research and application of methodology from robotics, human factors, human-computer interaction, interaction design, cognitive psychology, education and other fields to enable robots to have more natural and more rewarding interactions with humans throughout their spheres of functioning.  This course is a combination of state-of-art reading and discussions, focused exercises and problem-solving sessions in human-robot interaction, and a group project that includes the design, development, and evaluation of a human-robot interaction system.  Prerequisites: CSC 140 and 151. SOWELL

Other recent topics courses

CSC 255. Dealing with Data: Data Management, Data Visualization, and Big Data
Managing and interpreting an overwhelming amount of raw data is part of the foundation of our information society and economy. People use computers and statistics to translate, process, and visualize raw data, enabling new understandings that in turn contribute new knowledge to the world. This course will look at these topics from both a statistical and a computer science perspective. Statistics will inform the discussion about what appropriate goals are for learning from the data and how the data will answer the questions raised. The computer science perspective will help us figure out which goals are actually feasible computationally, and how to achieve them. Prerequisite: STA 201 or CSC 140. (Interdisciplinary) SOWELL and CANNON

CSC 355. Mashups
We will learn how to develop applications for the Web by selecting and formatting data that our software retrieves from other applications on the Web. We will combine the functions of other applications in novel ways. We will learn to use the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that developers of popular applications on the Web have published. We will learn to use the industry’s standard languages and methods for describing and exchanging data on the Web. Our goal is to gain skill in creating our own creative applications rapidly. To that end, we will practice building upon the work of others. Prerequisites: CSC 140 and 151. TABAK

CSC 357. Web 2.0
A project-oriented course where students will develop applications using core Web 2.0 technologies. AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language – XML), web services including interfacing with social networks, and mobile applications using the Android platform. Prerequisite: CSC 144. deLAUBENFELS

CSC 360. Open Source Projects
Learn how to contribute to an open source project by writing code, testing code, and writing documentation. Students will practice with tools and methods of software engineering and gain experience working on a team. Prerequisites: CSC 144 and 151. TABAK