Program Facilitators

Cornell's Leadership Certificate Program is facilitated by staff from several offices. For questions regarding the program as a whole, speak with the Program Coordinator, Heidi Levine. For inquiries regarding experiences for a particular C or events, please see the list of facilitators below.

Program Coordinator
Heidi Levine, Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students |  Student Affairs, Old Sem  |  (319) 895-4234 |

Program Facilitators

Consciousness of Self  |  Congruence  |  Commitment  |  Common Purpose  |  Collaboration  |  Controversy with Civility  |  Citizenship 

Heidi Levine


Heidi LevineAssistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Student Affairs, Old Sem
(319) 895-4234

Collin Paschall


Heather Roberts, Assistant Director of Intercultural Life

Office of Intercultural Life, Stoner House
(319) 895-4484

RJ Holmes-Leopold

Common Purpose

RJ Holmes-Leopold, Director of the Career Engagement Center

Career Engagement Center, Thomas Commons
(319) 895-4575

Tera Kringle


Tera Kringle, Director of Student Activities

Student Activities, Thomas Commons
(319) 895-4334 

Gwen Schimek

Controversy with Civility 

Gwen Schimek, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Life

Student Life, Thomas Commons
(319) 895-4103

Mike Johnson


Michael JohnsonDirector of Civic Engagement 

Civic Engagement Office, Thomas Commons
(319) 895-4537