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Beginning Latin II

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Latin 102

Daily Schedule

Interior of calidarium (hot bath), Stabian Baths, Pompeii





Day 1

Ch 17

Review of Nominative and Accusative Case.
Review of regular verbs: present tense.
Verbs: Imperfect and Perfect Tenses
Perfect Stems: s- perfect.

Hwk: Learn Ch 17 vocab; Ex 17.3-7; Ch 17 Reading, Comitia; answer the Responde Latine (p. 9)

Always read the culture sections at the end of each chapter in the OLC.

Roman Government and Elections: OLC Chs 17-18; ARD #251, 255, 258, 260, 262-64

Day 2

Ch 18

Review the Ablative case;
Review irregular verb eo
Meanings of the Perfect Tense;
Perfect Stems: same stem as present;
Expressions of Time.

Hwk: Learn Ch 18 vocab; Ex. 18.1-7; Ch 18 Reading, Quintus domo discedit; in 5-6 sentences describe in Latin what you did yesterday, when you did it and/or how long you were doing it


Day 3

Ch 19

Nouns: Review of Declensions 1-3, all cases;
Verbs: Pluperfect Tense;
Perfect Stems: lengthen stem vowel;
Expressions of Place; Locative Case.

Hwk: Learn Ch 19 vocab; Ex. 19.1-7; Ch 19 Reading, Roma; in Latin describe three buildings/structures that Quintus sees in Rome

The City of Rome: OLC Ch 19

Day 4

Ch 20

Perfect Stems: reduplication.
Nouns: 4th declension

Hwk: 20.1, 20.3-7 (i.e., Exercises 20.1, 20.3, 20.4, 20.5, 20.6, and 20.7); Ch 20 Reading, Ludus Orbilii; in Latin answer the questions in para. 3 and write two more in Latin (be sure you can answer them); describe in Latin your room at home or at Cornell

Housing and City Life: ARD #79-86, 92-93, 96

Incendium Romae

Day 5

Chs 21-22

Taped Reading/postcard due at 5:00 p.m.
Verbs: Review of irregular verbs volo, nolo, malo;
Nouns: 5th Declensions;

Hwk: 21.1-4; Ex 22.1, 3; Ch 21 Reading, Marcus Quintum domum suam invitat (answer Responde Latine); complete parts 1-2 of Insula assignment in VRoma. Then email chat log to

Day 6

Chs. 23

Review of adjectives.
Nouns: Ablative Case: means, manner, description/quality, with adjectives;
Irregular verb: fero.

Scene from Monty Python's Life of Brian

Day 7



Midterm 1 (Chs 17-22) Study Guide

Hwk: Ex 23.2-4; Ch 23 Reading, Marcus Quintum ad balnea ducit: in Latin describe a typical visit to the baths (i.e., what rooms, in what order, and what happens in each room); Complete VRoma assignment (in English)

Roman baths, spectacles, leisure activities: OLC, Ch 22-23; ARD sections #348-54, 377-88.

Roman baths

Day 8

Ch 24

Adjectives: comparison of adjectives.

Hwk: Ex 21.1, 20.3, 24.1-3; practice with a partner questions using the ablative; Ch 24 Reading, Caesaris triumphi: in Latin summarize a Roman triumph. Who watches? Who marches? In what order?

Roman triumph: OLC, Ch 24; ARD #293

Day 9

Ch 25

Adjectives: irregular comparison.
Adverbs: comparative adverbs
Review of genitive case.

Hwk: Ex. 25.1-3; Ch 25 Reading, Quintus togam virilem sumit and Quintus rhetoricae studet, para 1; in Latin compare what Quintus studies and what happens in the schools of Orbilius and Heliodorus

The End of the Republic: OLC Ch 26; Julius Caesar

Day 10


Ch 26


Taped Reading/postcard due at 5:00 p.m.
Verbs: present participles.

Hwk: 26.1-4; Ch 26 Reading, Idus Martiae

Chariot race from Ben Hur

Day 11

Ch 27

Verbs: future and future perfect tenses.
Pronouns: Review of relative pronouns.
Review of dative case.

Hwk: Ex. 27.1-5; Ch 27 Reading, Quintus Athenas navigare parat

Day 12

Ch 28

Pronouns: relative pronouns qui quae quod

Stoic and Epicurean: ARD #460-73

Philodemus Project

Day 13

Midterm 2 (Chs 23-27) Study Guide
Please submit the title of the story chosen for the illustrated Latin story by 5:00 p.m.

Hwk: Ex. 28.1-3; 27.6; Ch 28 Reading, Quintus ad Graeciam navigat (answer Responde Latine, p. 80)


Day 14

Ch 29-30

Verbs: perfect passive participle.
Pronouns: alter, uter, uterque

Hwk: Ex. 29.2; 30.1-6; Ch 29 Reading, Academia: based on the reading, compare (in Latin) Quintus and Marcus as students (e.g., quis est intellegentior, diligentior? studia eis placent? quid alter Athenis facit, quid alter?)

Marriage: ARD #54-78

Day 15

Ch 31

Illustrated Story due at 5:00 p.m. (post slides and text to Moodle)
Verbs: Passive voice;
perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect passive.

Hwk: Ex. 31.1-4; Ch 31 Reading, Brutus Athenas advenit (draw cartoon panels based on lines 23-end; for each panel write captions and bubbles in Latin); Prepare to play Clue (Indicium): complete Tabula Indiciorum for your group; read the Leges Ludi and complete the Tabula Indiciorum for your group

The Second Triumvirate: OLC Chs. 31-32; Antony, Octavian, and Cleopatra; scenes from Antony and Cleopatra

Day 16

Chs 32

Verbs: present, imperfect, and future passive.

Hwk: Ex. 32.2-4, 32.5 (1-6); Ch 32 Reading, Bellum Civile (based on the reading, describe in English the order of events leading to the proscriptions of 43 BCE)

Caesar Caesus (Forum Romanum News Program)

Day 17

Ch 33

Ch 33 reading

Illustrated Latin Stories presented in class; upload final version to Moodle by 5:00 p.m.

Day 18


Final Exam (Chs 28-33)
Study Guide


Cameo Portrait of Augustus

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