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Roman Archaeology

February 6, 2009

Dear Roman Travelers,

It was great to see so many of you at our meeting Monday night. Amanda Ross learned the following information about meal refunds from Sodexho. She said that you will receive a refund of 20 meal-$268.80, 14 meal-$224.70, 7 meal- $93.45, 180 meal-no refund.

There are four important tasks for you to do: first please turn in your waiver to Amanda Ross in the Off-Campus and International Studies Office in College Hall 112 if haven't done so already. You received this via email from Chris McOmber on Wednesday.

Second, submit two photocopies of your passport to Amanda Ross.

Third, submit roommate preferences and any special considerations (e.g., smoking) to Amanda Ross if haven't done so already. The current list is available here.

Fourth, we have posted what report topics have been claimed on the Report Topics webpage ( If you haven't chosen a topic, please let both Chris and John know what you would like to do. This block, it is important that you begin working on your report topic. First, get an overview of your topic by reading about it in the books on reserve listed at the top of the page on the Bibliography page (Places to Start). Second, read through the Guidelines for Written and Oral Reports. Third, search through the sources listed on the Bibliography page, search Cole library, search on-line resources at Cole (e.g. EBSCO and FirstSearch), search the websites listed on the homepage for the trip to Italy, and find as many articles, chapters of books, reliable websites, etc. as possible and draft a preliminary bibliography. Feel free to ask a librarian to help. Jen Rouse is the consulting Librarian for the Humanities and Greg Cotton is the consulting Librarian for Art, but others may be able to help you as well. Fourth, submit this bibliography to John or Chris by the third Monday of this term so that we can give you feedback on which sources are best and which ones are less helpful. You may either come by the office so that we can discuss your bibliography or you may submit it by email. Finally, by the first Monday of term 7, submit in class a draft of your written report.

Our trip

  • Roundtrip air from CID, depart Thursday, May 5, and return Tuesday, May 24
  • Arrival/departure Transfers
  • Three-star hotels
  • all breakfasts
  • Hotel taxes
  • admissions to sites and museums
  • all lunches as well as dinners on Saturdays and Sundays
  • drinks at meals
  • Public transport like metro or bus. Roma Pass 20 euro or weekly passes appr 25 euro can be used.
  • Tips to drivers. You should expect to pay tips at the following rate: 2 Euros/each per guide or driver for full day.
  • Optional weekend trips to Pompeii, Florence, etc.
  • personal purchases, e.g., books, slides, gifts, trinkets, etc.


Northwest Airlines # 2877 Depart Cedar Rapids 10:10am. Arrive Detroit 12:50pm.
Northwest Airlines # 40 Depart Detroit 4:00pm. Arrive Amsterdam 5:55am (3/5/2009)
Northwest Airlines # 8497 Depart Amsterdam 6:55am. Arrive Rome 9:20am


Northwest Airlines # 8498 Depart Rome 10:20am. Arrive Amsterdam 1:05pm.
Northwest Airlines # 55 Depart Amsterdam 3:30pm. Arrive Minneapolis 6:40pm (3/24/2009)
Northwest Airlines # 3325 Depart Minneapolis 10:20pm Arrive Cedar Rapids 11:22pm.

Checked Baggage Weight and Measurement
Baggage is measured by adding length, width and height to determine the total number of linear inches/centimeters.

  • Northwest will accept baggage up to a maximum of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a total linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm) per piece.
  • Additional charges apply for baggage weighing more than 50 pounds (23 kg) or with a total linear dimension of more than 62 inches (158 cm) per piece.
  • For trans-Atlantic travel, the maximum weight accepted for any piece of checked baggage is 70 pounds. For more information, visit


Hotels will probably not supply hairdryers or irons. As a rule of thumb, 1) don't bring appliances if you can do without; 2) pack everything in a carry-on bag.

Smoking is probably permitted in hotel rooms. Make sure you are paired up with another smoker for your roommate.

For more information, including our tentative itinerary, and a suggested packing list, see


John Gruber-Miller
Classical Studies
College Hall 312

Christina McOmber
McWethy Hall 214



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