Matthew 25/Sustainability - Cornell College Garden Partnership

Overview: Matthew 25 is an independent, local nonprofit organization in Cedar Rapids. The organization partners with others to work in three program areas: Neighborhood Building, Youth Empowerment, and Cultivate Hope. Cornell College is partnering with Matthew 25 to help support the Cultivate Hope program by providing a job for a Cornell student to utilize the Cornell College greenhouse to start seeds for transplanting to the urban farm. The job will also include recruiting student volunteers to work on greenhouse, urban farm, and school garden projects.   

Matthew 25- Cornell College Garden Connector Job Description


  • Start seeds in the Cornell greenhouse and care for them until transplanting to the Matthew 25 Urban Farm
  • Collaborate with the Matthew 25 Farm Manager and Education Coordinator to set goals for transplant production and varieties as well as other projects
  • Recruit and connect Cornell students to assist with school garden clubs
  • Increase student involvement in urban farm projects and work days
  • Assist with developing lessons focused on science, gardening, plants, compost,  food, and health to be used with school gardens, youth camps, and farm tours


  • Knowledge and interest in Biology, Horticulture, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, etc.
  • Experience growing transplants and managing a greenhouse
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with several people and organizations providing clear, timely updates on progress, concerns, questions, etc.
  • Volunteer management experience

Reports to the Director of Civic Engagement at Cornell College

Hours: 5 hours/week during the academic year

Pay: $8.25/hr


Interest in service and in coordination of service programs; interest in sustainability and sustainability initiatives on campus, positive attitude; willingness to be flexible and to adapt to change quickly; strong written and oral communication skills; good leadership skills.


You will have $1000/year college work-study award with the Civic Engagement Office. This position requires a federal work study award. This will allow for 5-6 work hours each week for the first three weeks of the block. The Coordinator is encouraged to check in at the office regularly and is expected to work at least two to three hours in the office each week during the first three weeks of the block. A professional attitude, appearance and demeanor must be maintained when in the office. Confidentiality is expected in all matters containing sensitive information.

Beyond the specifically detailed description of duties, the coordinator is asked to work on basic office tasks, including running errands, copying, typing, and cleaning areas.