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Dan Carney '14

"I knew service was a priority to me but was not sure how to get involved.  Seeing a student leader really involved in the Civic Engagement Office’s Iowa Colleges AmeriCorps Program (ICAP) is what got me engaged in Service.  He was busy but was still making a difference.  It was possible to balance work and life, and still be able to volunteer.

There are underlying causes and factors for why there is a need to volunteer at a homeless shelter or work with kids in an inner city.  It has been interesting looking at my education and looking at the connection.  Taking Sociology 101 gave me a better understanding about the factors that contribute to families ending up at homes.  It caused me to look outside the social norms.  I have really appreciated getting to know people’s stories.  The thing that I love about serving at Willis Dady is the stories.  We are similar.   They just had a different circumstance.  It can happen to anyone.  They are working to put themselves back on their feet.  We do not always think about others or how privileged we are, the opportunities that Cornell has given us, and what it means to be at a place that values commitment to service. 

I have never met a student who has served and has not wanted to continue in some way.    We can create the change in the world with these students.  My two big passions are working with students and serving.  I have had the opportunity to work with students in my role as the Resident Assistant of the Connect Floor as well as through ICAP and the Civic Ambassador’s program and have seen students grow from entering first year students to strong emerging leaders; students that have engaged in leadership roles across campus.  I’ve really enjoyed seeing these students grow.  They have challenged me and I have helped them. 

All of these civic engagement experiences at Cornell have helped me see a future in student affairs.  My ideal position would be to work in service learning because I love helping to show students how easy it is to volunteer and give back."