The Civic Engagement office is Cornell's connection to a wide range of service opportunities, internships, and events.  Check out our office programs or contact our staff to explore how you can get involved.

Alternative Spring Break 2014-2015!

Application season is upon us, which means it is time to sign up for ASB! This year we are leading 10 trips across the U.S. to dedicate 5 days to volunteering with a multitude of different organizations.


Fill it out now before you miss a great opportunity to travel and make a difference! The sooner you sign up for this competitive trip the better!

Civic Engagement Minor

The college recently established a minor in civic engagement, providing students the opportunity to integrate civic lessons learned in the classroom with real-world service projects. 

Civic Engagement Newsletter

The Civic Engagement Newsletter includes all of the events and opportunities available from the Civic Engagement Office, as well as notable news clips, blog posts, journal articles, and other interesting finds. If you would like to submit an event or suggestion for the newsletter, please contact the office. Find past copies of our CEO Newsletter in our archive.