Relay For Life is a meaningful and fun annual event organized by Cornell's chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  The event raises money to help in the fight against cancer through research, education, advocacy, and patient services. Relay For Life has a tradition of bringing friends, families, and loved ones together to honor those who are surviving with cancer, to celebrate those who defeated cancer, and to remember those who lost the fight against cancer. 

Cornell College's Relay For Life received national recognition as Top Five Youth Per Capita in fundraising in 2008, 2009, and 2011. In 2010, Cornell Relay For Life participants raised a total of $41,765, making Cornell #1 in the Midwest Division of College Events for fundraising per capita!  The 2012 Relay For Life earned $51,500. 

Students involved with Colleges Against Cancer and Relay For Life help to plan the annual Relay, run educational and awareness-raising events throughout the year, and coordinate fundraising efforts and event sponsorship.

For more information about Colleges Against Cancer and Cornell's Relay For Life, contact us at, Colleges Against Cancer Co-Chairs.